How to Assemble the GripFlip

Tools needed:

            Two Phillips screwdrivers

            Hex head driver - 1.5 mm

            Hex head driver - 2.0 mm or 5/64

            Hex head driver - 3.0 mm


Step 1:

            Connect the Shaft Front, Shaft Back and Shaft Connector.

The total length of the Inshore and Offshore should be around (9 5/8") or  244 mm.


Step 2:

            Place the assembled shaft inside Body 12.


Step 3:

            Place the Ring and Jay together.


Step 4:

            Review the cross-sections below. Locate the following parts: 11 Jay Holder, 08 Guide Front, and 19 Set Screw (3.0 mm * 0.5P).





Step 5:

            Assemble the following Jay with the Ring, Jay Holder, and Guide Front. Hold the assembly as shown. Try to move the Jay back and forth to make sure the Jay is engaged in the Jay Holder.


Step 6:

            Align the Shaft Assembly, Body 12 notch, Jay Holder, and Jay as shown. The Jay Assembly should be close to Body 12 and the shaft touching the Jay Holder.


Step 7:

            Hold the Shaft Assembly and Body 12 as shown below (Step 7), and the Jay Assembly as shown above (Step 6). Slide the Jay assembly in until the Jay Holder is about halfway into the body. Then use the Jay to push the Jay Holder into the body notch.

By holding the body and shaft as shown, the thumb can be used to push the shaft out once the Jay Holder is pushed inward and up into the body notch.


Step 8:

            Use the Jay to push the Jay Holder into the Body 12 notch. When the Jay Holder is in the body notch, use your thumb to push the shaft assembly forward.

Note: Hold everything horizontal and do not touch the Shaft when it is being pushed backwards during the Jay Holder positioning process.


Step 9:

            Position the Ring and install the 19 Set Screw (3.0 mm *0.5P). Screw the set screw in until it is flush with the top of the Ring. Do not screw the set screw in too far, as it will not hold the Ring.


Step 10:

            Install the Guide Back. Align the Guide Back hole with the Body 12 hole.


Step 11:

            Screw the 20 Set Screw (4.0 mm*0.5P) into the Bumper Stop until it is flush with the surface. Then assemble the Link Assembly and Bumper Stop with the Pin Slip 4 mm.


Step 12:

            Connect the two assemblies with the other 13 Pin Slip 4 mm.

Note: The Body 12 notch is pointed outward. The Link Assembly has to be leaned over so that the Pin Slip 4 mm can be installed.


Step 13:

            Make sure the shaft is the right length.

  1. a)   Push the Link Assembly against the Body 12 so the Link Assembly is                    

               b)   Insert the Rubber Bumper in the back of the Body 12 and push it forward.

  1. c)   The back end of the Bumper Stop slot and the Body 12 hole must line up. If they do not, the Shaft Assembly needs to be adjusted.

It is important that the back end of the Bumper Stop slot does not go past the Body hole as shown below. If it is, the GripFlip will not work right. It will be hard to depress the trigger.


If the back end of the bumper stop slot is too far past the back side of the body hole, the shaft will not extend out far enough to grip a fishhook.


If you know you're only going to be removing fishhooks that have a diameter greater than 3/32 of an inch or 2 1/2 mm, the back end of the Bumper Stop slot should be positioned just under the diameter of the smallest fishhook to be removed from the back end of the Body hole.

d) If properly adjusted, go to Step 14.

e) If it is not properly adjusted, remove 13 Pin Slip (4 mm * 11 mm) and adjust the Shaft Assembly by turning the end.



Step 14:

            Assemble the Trigger


Step 15:

            Place the Binding Posts (5.0*20.0) in the Right Handle as shown.


Step 16:

            Assemble the assemblies as shown.


Step 17:

            Position the Trigger Assembly and insert the 14 Pin Slot (4 mm * 18 mm).


Step 18:

            Hold the Trigger Assembly down and install the Spring Spacer and Spring.


Step 19:

            Install the Handle Left and the two screws in the Binding Post (5.0* 20.0).


Step 20:

            Install six 18 Screws (4.0 mm *20.5 mm). Do not over tighten. Only tighten to the point where the gap between the two handles is closed and the screw is snug.


Step 21:

            Install four 17 Screws (3.0 mm *14 mm). Do not over tighten. Only tighten to the point where the gap between the two handles is closed and the screw is snug.


Step 22:

            Install the Rubber Bumper and Bumper Cap.